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What We Do

Customer Research, Branding, Website Design & Development, Fully Integrated Communications Strategy

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The Work

Noah Gabriel & Co. Branding & Website Design


The Work

Impact of the Pittsburgh Auto Show Communications Strategy, Branding & Website Design


The Work

Allegheny Commercial Real Estate Services Brand Rejuvenation & Digital Marketing



We've brought home the gold for our work.


What We're About

We believe in fearlessly fully integrated communications that builds, redefines and empowers And you're here, my friend, because you also believe.

The best way to describe our approach to communications is "holistic." We've spent our livelihood investigating the full picture of what makes organizations outrageously successful communicators.

What are all of the greatest communicators doing, you ask? Well, they've mastered five major milestones, building them up in ascending order for unstoppable momentum, tremendous clarity and outrageous success.


  1. understand their ideal customers
  2. are centered on a compelling brand
  3. have built a digital crossroads (website)
  4. have cultivated a fully integrated communications strategy
  5. are executing on that strategy, measuring the success.

We help our partners through this process and harness each area to the fullest possible potential. When you work with us, we aren't just going to recommend something we saw on some online, out-of-touch, "you must do this!" case study—we're going to recommend the step-by-step action plan unique to your situation and goals.

So, whether you need one area of our help, or the entire journey, we're here to lead you to outrageous success and we will do just that.

Testimonial Headshot

"Working with agencies can either be a nightmare or a dream. With their meticulous attention to detail, organized processes and high-quality of work, Top Hat IMC easily achieved the ‘dream’ category. From scoping to implementation, our work together has been an incredibly enjoyable experience. Highly recommend for website design/development and marketing services."

Art Maxwell, Wesley Spectrum Services